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1819 – John Polidori’s The Vampyre

Did you know that the precursor to Dracula originated out of the same storytelling competition as Frankenstein? And that neither story would have been written were it not for the worst climate disaster of the last millennium? And that the modern English vampire story began as a comment on the toxic masculinity of Lord Byron and his acquaintances?

Robert Morrison and‎ Chris Baldick (editors), The Vampyre and Other Tales of the Macabre (Oxford World’s Classics):
Maddie Stone, “Rare Manuscript Exhibit Explores How Climate Change Disasters Create Monsters”:
The University of Iowa Libraries’ blog:

This episode features voice work from Paula Matzke, Mary Shelly, and Steven Nelson. Steven’s podcast, DIY Democracy, in which he tries to learn more about citizenship and improve civic engagement, can be found at:

1818 – Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Who was Mary Shelley? What was the genesis of Frankenstein? How did it get published? And how was it received?

The University of Pennsylvania’s electronic edition of Frankenstein:
Colleen Theisen at the University of Iowa Libraries’ blog:
John Pipkin, “The Man Who Invented Bookselling as we Know it”, Literary Hub:

This episode features voice work from Paula Matzke, Steven Nelson, Mary Shelly, and Andrew Ramsay. Andrew can be found at