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Bonus – Rachel Feder’s Harvester of Hearts

In this bonus episode, I interview Rachel Feder, the author of Harvester of Hearts: Motherhood under the Sign of Frankenstein.

Harvester of Hearts is published by Northwestern University Press:

Rachel can be found at:

The edition of Mary Shelley’s Mathilda that we discuss in the episode, edited by Michelle Faubert and published by Broadview Press, can be found here:

1831 – Revisions

Frankenstein was revised several times in the early years of its rise to fame–by Percy Shelley, by William Godwin, and, in 1831, by Mary herself.

A collation of the 1818 and 1831 editions of Frankenstein from the University of Pennsylvania:
The manuscript of Frankenstein at the Shelley-Godwin Archive:
Anne K. Mellor, “Revising Frankenstein”:
E.B. Murray, “Changes to the 1823 edition of Frankenstein“:
E.B. Murray, “Shelley’s contributions to Frankenstein“:
Blog post on Theodore von Holst’s illustration of Frankenstein

“Dreaming in 432Hz” by Unicorn Heads
“Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod
“Mesmerize” by Kevin MacLeod
“The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III” by Chris Zabriskie

This episode features the voices of Curtis Matzke, Steven Nelson, and Mary Shelly.

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